Our Independent Voice was Silenced

I was looking for our web page Mylocal3.com and discovered it was closed. For whatever reason the owner of the web page decided to give up the cause. I had considered resurrecting it or something like it for quite a while. I think the recent  election (or non-election) of our officials finally prompted me to take action. I and apparently many others valued the availability of an independent forum to voice our opinions and concerns without having to "state your name and card number brother". Yourlocal3.com can be that place. Yourlocal3.com  will be a work in progress and I am sure many changes will happen as time passes. Please bear with me.

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Election? What Elec tion?

Our election was unnessary. The only opposing candidate dropped out. 35,000 members and not one dissenting voice.What do you think? Click on the Forums and post your opinion!


  Forums(message boards)

I will be patterning this site loosely on the old Mylocal3.com site. Forums are the main reason I created this site. Please act civilized. I will not sensor but flaming each other will not be tolerated.

  The links

"Knowledge is Power"  The more we know about  ANYTHING the better we are prepared to handle it. The links will help to expand our knowledge of others and our own rights and responsibilities. Any link you think would interest the members please send the link to me in Contact me.

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